20080722소식 Emulator알림

[Arcade] FB Alpha v0.2.96.87

FB Alpha Release

Posted on 22 July 2008 at 20:51
Here's the what's new;
  • Added dynamic video size switching to the core
  • Merged in Captain CPS-X's menu themes code and added the options to the misc menu (disabled by default)
  • Merged in kev's and oopswares changes to zet and added CZ80 to the source distribution
  • Fixed an issue causing the preview image not to display on program start when the Enhanced blitter was enable
  • Fixed an issue with localisation support and added an option to reset to UI default language
  • Changed the hotkeys for cheat search to be used with Ctrl
  • Added support for the widescreen mode in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact
  • Added a fake dipswitch to Street Fighter III for widescreen since the game seems to support it
  • Added extracted roms to all CPS-3 sets (noone is likely to port CHD support just for CPS-3 which already works anyway)
  • Added fake dip hack to make Red Earth and War Zard work
  • Added sf2m8 to release builds
  • Added tigerhb1 to the Tiger Heli driver
  • Fixed a potential crash in the ICS2115 reset routine (spotted by iq_132)
  • Matched all sets to MAME 0.126u1
You can download the new version here;
[Arcade] Guru news
22nd July, 2008
More arrivals! I almost forgot these were coming.

Most of these are 'Wanted For Decapping' items or for other documentation purposes, although we have a nice big bonus too....

Namco System 246 with Tekken 4 DVD and Magic Gate Dongle
Guardians Of The Hood (Atari)
Extermination (Taito, for decapping the 8742 MCU)
Hyper Pacman (for decapping the 89C52 MCU)
Tekken (Namco System 11, was thought to be an alt. version but turned out to be TE2/VER.C which is already dumped)
Protection MCU from Oscar Psycho-Nics (Data East)
All PALs from Arch Rivals

Thanks to errrr...... unfortunately, my Guru-memory isn't what it used to be, so whoever sent it, please remind me so I can put your name in lights here :-)
[Arcade] Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP Update

Re: Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP

Notapor Peabo el Mar Jul 22, 2008 12:29 am
Wesker escribió:Es la hora de hacer un pequeño repaso a todos los nuevos juegos que va a incluir la versión 0.9. Todas las fotos están sacadas a resolución real, con las transparencias por mallas y con el mip mapping activo, que aunque no sea 100% fiel siempre se asemejará mas que si lo desactivamos. Recordad que la emulación de los colores es aproximada, y que solo en Daytona USA se ha ajustado para coincidir con el original.

Wesker, you should set SatR, SatG, & SatB to 0 for Daytona. The saturation filter looks ok on the defaults on VF2 only because the skin is a bit wrong at the moment. It's probably more accurate with it off, but some people's skin looks a bit white/gray :/ It's similar to the colours in Fighting Vipers. Maybe ElSemi will come up with a solution ;)

Here is a comparison:

PS2 port:

No saturation shader:

Saturation shader on default values:

[Arcade] Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP Update

Re: Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP

Notapor byblo el Mar Jul 22, 2008 8:41 am
Tambien me gustaban esos vivos colores, aunque tengo una preferencia para la version saturn y su ausencia de luz (dynamic)

VF2 PC with "model2" models and shading:

VF2 PC with normal (saturn) models and no shading option:

En una television 50cm, era una maravilla de verlo rular a mas de 50fps y en alta resolución *_*

Hope elsemi will fix the hairs gravity problem :)
[Arcade] Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP Update

Re: Model 2 Emulator 0.9 WIP

Notapor sharkos el Mar Jul 22, 2008 3:09 pm
Wesker escribió:Es la hora de hacer un pequeño repaso a todos los nuevos juegos que va a incluir la versión 0.9. Todas las fotos están sacadas a resolución real, con las transparencias por mallas y con el mip mapping activo, que aunque no sea 100% fiel siempre se asemejará mas que si lo desactivamos. Recordad que la emulación de los colores es aproximada, y que solo en Daytona USA se ha ajustado para coincidir con el original.

Thank You Wesker for your tremendous effort here Much Respect oh and those tasty pics too
[Arcade] Story.dat & mamescore.ini. & default.el 20080722

MAJ / Updated : 23/07/2008 00:11
pour enregistrer les fichiers, faites bouton droit -> enregistrer la cible sous...
to save those files, do right click -> save target as...

story.dat (483.39 Ko)

ce fichier va permettre d'afficher dans MAME les records établis sur MAMESCORE. Utile pour avoir une idée des scores à battre et du niveau des joueurs... Téléchargez story.dat et copiez-le dans le répertoire de votre MAME (le fichier doit se trouver dans le même dossier que l'*.exe de MAME)
Si vous préférez, téléchargez la version history.dat

This file allows you to see the MAMESCORE top scores in your MAME !
Download story.dat and place it in your MAME folder (with the mame*.exe)
Same file, if you prefer history.dat

mamescore.ini (14.77 Ko)

ce fichier permet de diffuser la liste des jeux dont des records sont dans MAMESCORE. Placez mamescore.ini dans le dossier "folders" de votre MAME (si ce dossier n'existe pas, crééz-le!) Lancez ensuite MAME et vous découvrirez sur la gauche un nouvel icone "mamescore" contenant la liste des jeux.

this file allows you to display the game list of MAMESCORE in your MAME (32 and derivatives). Download it and place it in the "folders" directory (create the folder if needed) Launch MAME and you'll see a new icon "mamescore" with the game list.

default.el (22.9 Ko)

ce fichier permet de diffuser la liste des jeux dont des records sont dans MAMESCORE avec le Front-end emuloader. Placez default.el dans le répertoire "resources\favorites" de emuloader.

this file allows you to display the game list of MAMESCORE in your Emuloader Front-end. Download it and place it in the "resources\favorites" directory.
[Arcade Tool] Mjolnir32 Plus! 0.4.1 (2008.07.20) 简体中文语言包
发表于 2008-7-22 13:06
Mjolnir32 Plus! 0.4.1 (2008.07.20) 简体中文语言包


Mjolnir32 Plus! 0.4.1 GCCコンパイル(2008.07.20)namcos21&22 OpenGL
[Arcade Tool] Command.dat (Unofficial) (22/07/2008)
:Added: Blood Roar 2
:Corrected: Beastorizer
  • unzip the file, and put de command.dat on Mame Folder.
  • tested in MameUI Plus.
[Computer Commodore 16-Plus/4] Plus4Emu v1.2.8.1
A portable emulator of the Commodore 264 familiy of computers (Plus/4, C16, and C116), aiming for the best accuracy and compatibility.


plus4emu is released (22 Jul 2008)

  • fixed file overwrite (@) bug in IEC level drive emulation
July 22, 2008
Release Name: plus4emu-
Changes in version

* fixed file overwrite (@) bug in IEC level drive emulation

Changes in version 1.2.8

* new option for saving the printer output to a text file, either as
the raw characters sent to the printer, or converted to ASCII
* slightly improved compression when saving the printer output in TGA
* added Windows icons from the Plus/4 icon set by SVS
* when using the mouse to set the cursor position, the color of the
character under the cursor is now saved, set, and restored correctly
* minor utility and Windows installer improvements and fixes
* some optimizations in software video mode, and serial floppy drive
and printer emulation

[Console Game Gube] Dolphin SVN R51~ R58
发表于 2008-7-23 02:55
Dolphin SVN R58

fixed compiling for windows... Please remove the SDL stuff from this plugin. Port njoy to linux (write your own GUI or disable the GUI)
nJoy: Shoulder button fixed, I forgot to set a value for the pressure. Currently it set at max (0xFF)
nJoy: small fixes for the analog from gigaherz
Linux: Woops, forgot to remove testing code in video plugin
Linux: Now video is actually outputted. Changing padsimple in to SDL
small bug fix for the project
removed old njoy structure


[ 本帖最后由 lo585983 于 2008-7-23 03:48 编辑 ]
[Console Sega Saturn] SSF Ver0.09 beta R4

SSFの最新バージョンはVer0.09 beta R4です。

OS Windows2000/XP/XP 64Bit Edition
Memory 256MB以上
Video DirectX9.0cに対応しているカード
Sound DirectX9.0cに対応しているカード
CD drive MMC3に対応したドライブ

CPU Core 2 Duo以上
Athlon64 X2 4800+以上
Memory 512MB以上(デュアルチャネル)
その他 BIOS

SH2 emulator 100%
68000 emulator 100%
VDP1 block 95%
VDP2 block 95%
SCU block 100%
SMPC block 100%
SCSP block 95%
CD block 85%

SH2 ゲーム実行に必要な部分はほぼ全て実装
68000 ほぼ全て実装
VDP1 ほぼ全て実装
VDP2 ほぼ全て実装
SCU ほぼ全て実装
SMPC ほぼ全て実装
SCSP ほぼ全て実装
CD Block ほぼ全て実装

  • バックアップRAMファイル名を変更
  • バックアップ容量の無制限化(バックアップライブラリのフック)
  • BIOSファイルをオプションで設定できるようにしました
  • BIOS無しでも動作するようにしました
  • DirectInputに対応 パッドとキーボードが使えます。ボタンの再割り当て可能。
    UP = UP Arrow
    DOWN = DOWN Arrow
    LEFT = LEFT Arrow
    RIGHT = RIGHT Arrow
    A TRG = Z key
    B TRG = X key
    C TRG = C key
    X TRG = S key
    Y TRG = D key
    Z TRG = F key
    L TRG = A key
    R TRG = G key
    START = Enter key
    CD Open = F1 key
    CD Close = F2 key
    Hard Reset = F4 key
    ScanlineのON/OFF切り替え = F5 key
    SoundのON/OFF切り替え = F6 key
    State Load = F7 key
    State Save = Shift + F7 key
    Snapshot = F8 key
    Sound Record = F9 key
    NBG0の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 1 key(テンキーの1)
    NBG1の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 2 key(テンキーの2)
    NBG2の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 3 key(テンキーの3)
    NBG3の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 4 key(テンキーの4)
    RBG0の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 5 key(テンキーの5)
    RBG1の表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 6 key(テンキーの6)
    Spriteの表示ON/OFF切り替え = NUMPAD 7 key(テンキーの7)
    画面の回転 = NUMPAD 0 key(テンキーの0)
    ABCとXYZボタンの入れ替え = NUMPAD 9 key(テンキーの9)
    ウィンドウサイズ変更 = NUMPAD + key (テンキーの+)
    Windowsマウスカーソルの表示ON/OFF = NUMPAD - key (テンキーの-)
    Window/Fullscreenの切り替え = Alt + Enter key
    終了 = ESC key
    TEST = F11 key
    SERVICE = F12 key
    Coin1 = 5 key
    Coin2 = 6 key
    Coin3 = 7 key
    Coin4 = 8 key
    1P Start = 1 key
    2P Start = 2 key
    3P Start = 3 key
    4P Start = 4 key
    A~N = A~N key (Mahjong panel)
    カン = Ctrl key (Mahjong panel)
    ポン = Alt key (Mahjong panel)
    チー = Space key (Mahjong panel)
    リーチ = Shift key (Mahjong panel)
    ロン = Z key (Mahjong panel)
    サウンドを録音する時はScanline Base TimingとAlways Runningオプションにチェックを入れないでください。
    Spaceを押しながら起動すると1Block Clockを一時的に60%に落とします。

  • グーローシェーディングの計算精度が足りない グーローシェーディングの計算に固定小数点(MMX)を使用しています。
  • 回転スクロールの座標計算に浮動小数点を使用している サターン内部では固定小数点で計算しているようですが、SSFでは浮動小数点(SSE)を使用しています。
  • PCMが15ビットである 音量の計算にSSE2の符号付き乗算命令(PMULHW)を使用しています。
  • 音の再生タイミングが実機と異なる エミュレータの特性上、音が若干遅れて再生されます。
  • リングバッファを更新していない SCSP内蔵DSPが使用するリングバッファメモリにデータを書き込まないので、リングバッファ上に直接アクセスするようなソフトの音がきちんと再生されません。
  • 画面表示が1フィールド遅れている VDPと描画を同期させるのは難しくマシンパワーも必要ですので、リアルタイム描画はしていません。

  • FPUってなんですか?
  • MMXってなんですか?
  • SSEってなんですか?
  • SSE2ってなんですか? x86系CPUについて少し勉強しましょう。
  • TSCってなんですか? タイム・スタンプ・カウンタの略称。Pentium以降のプロセッサなら搭載されています。
  • 起動直後にエラーで強制終了する FPU,MMX,SSE,SSE2を搭載していないCPUで実行すると不当命令例外が発生して強制終了します。
  • 強制終了後、CDが取り出せない エミュレータの都合で実行中はCDドライブの操作が出来ないようになっています。
  • よくマルチプレイヤー画面に飛ぶ CDブロックはCDドライブが実機と同じ動作することを前提にして作っています。
  • ゲームの動きが遅い ドットクロックが低いと一部のゲームで処理落ちします(ゲーム自体が処理落ちする)。
  • BGMのテンポが狂っている マシンパワーが足りないと処理が間に合わず、内蔵音源の曲が狂ってしまいます。
  • 音が鳴らない SGLでサウンド初期化時にメインCPUとサウンドCPUの同期に失敗すると、以降の再生コマンドを一切発行しないバージョンがあります。
    Memory Access Waitにチェックを入れてみてください。
  • 音がノイズだらけになる オプションのサウンドバッファサイズを小さくすると発生します。
  • 画面表示が狂っている VDP2の制限事項に抵触しているソフトがあります。
    Check Cycle Patternにチェックを入れてみてください。
  • 画面が縞模様になっている(黒い横線がある) ノンインターレースを再現した結果です。
  • 遅い SSは複雑なハードのためPSのように簡単にはエミュレートできません。

Mainboard ASUS P5B
CPU Core 2 Duo E6600
Memory PC2-6400(CL=4) 512MB*2
Video GeForce7600GT
Sound Onboard
CD drive DVR-109
OS WindowsXP SP3

Mainboard Jetway HA06
CPU Phenom X4 9100e
Memory PC2-6400(CL=5) 1024MB*2
Video Onboard
Sound Onboard
CD drive DW-U12A
OS WindowsXP Professional x64 Edition

CDイメージ化にはDiscJugglerを使用(RAW readオプション付き、一部ではScan gaps/indexesオプション付き)。
仮想CDドライブにはDAEMON Toolsを使用しています。

SSF Ver0.09 beta R4




[Console SNES] Snes9xGX 002
Snes emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii
Default Snes9xGX 002 Released!

Hello again,

I've updated my version of Snes9xGX to 002. Hopefully this version will satisfy the features most clamored for. Snes9xGx now includes nunchuk, classic, wiimote and GC controller support. I've also compiled a gamecube version, but this is untested (let me know of any issues you come across).

Read the readme for default mappings. These can be reconfigured in the menu. Remember to save your configs!

[What's New 002]
- added: classic and nunchuk support
- added: all controllers can now be configured
- added: GC version (untested)
- changed: mappings are no longer stored in SRAM, but in config file.
This means no per-game configurations, but one global
config per controller.
- one makefile to make all versions. (thanks to snes9x143 SVN)

[What Was New 001]
- compiles with latest devkitppc (r15)
- now uses libfat (can use front sd slot on wii)
- updated menu items a bit
- wiimote support
- fixed: autoload sram/freeze
- fixed: rom plays immediately after loading
Thanks to:
- original coders of Snes9x
- softdev and crunchy2 for GC port
- shagkur and wintermute for libogc / devkitppc
- everyone else contributing to the scene

Remember this is a work in progress. Source as always is included.
Attached Files
File Type: rar snes9xGX_002.rar (2.17 MB, 147 views)
File Type: rar snes9xGX_002_SRC.rar (6.77 MB, 25 views)

Last edited by michniewski : Yesterday at 08:17 PM.
[console SNES] Snes9x GTK/X11 Port 47
Hi all. I've been working on a GTK port of Snes9x in my free time, and it's at the point where it does pretty much everything I'd want it to do now. So, I figured I'd release it in case someone wants it.

I'm putting up 3 different files, each in various stages of compilation. I'd suggest building it all the way from patch form if you can, as it saves on limited bandwidth, and will be most compatible with your system.

Changes for version 47
* OpenGL: Made several changes to the driver to improve performance.
* OpenGL: Added a new (often faster) PBO format that uses 16-bit transfers.
* Removed the ports packaged with Snes9x from the pre-patched tarball to reduce download size.
Older changes are further below.

Arrow Download the Patch (updated)

Arrow Download the Patched Version of Snes9x 1.51 sources (updated)

Arrow Download a Precompiled Binary (linux-i386, GTK, Xv, OpenGL, NetPlay, Joystick support) (updated)
Tested on bleeding-edge Gentoo and Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy

Arrow Download .deb (Ubuntu and Debian) Packages and Get Info About Apt Source Trees

Note: If you downloaded this, and experience crashes, redownload the file (and reapply/rebuild if source) and delete your $HOME/.snes9x/snes9x.xml file.

GTK 2.10 or greater with all dependencies
PortAudio (libportaudio) "unstable" 1.9 branch (libportaudio2)

For OpenGL, you also might want
gtkglext-1.0 or greater

For Joystick support, you'll need
SDL 1.2.12 or greater (only needed for Joystick support)

Obviously, building from source requires headers and development packages if you're on a binary-based distribution or OS.

Building Instructions:
Building from Patch
Extract the patch tarball over your extracted copy of the Snes9x source. Then from the source directory run:
snes9x-1.51-src$ patch -p1 < snes9x-gtk.diff
snes9x-1.51-src$ autoconf

Continue building from source.

Building from Source
Run the configure script from the source directory with the --with-gtk flag. If you want OpenGL support, also add the --with-opengl flag. For example:
snes9x-1.51-src$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gtk --with-opengl

You can also add whatever other flags you like.

Depending on where your OS puts certain things, and if you've built some dependencies from source, you may need to specify some pkg-config paths. If you experience errors, use a configure command like this instead:
snes9x-1.51-src$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig" ./configure --with-gtk --with-opengl

Then run 'make'
snes9x-1.51-src$ make

This'll produce a snes9x-gtk executable file in the source directory. Copy it, run it, whatever. If you want to install everything, execute the following with super-user privileges:
snes9x-1.51-src# make install

Generally, it works like Snes9x does. If you can't find an option in the relatively simple GUI, you can use the same command-line arguments as you normally would in, for example, the unix port.

OSS/ALSA issue with PortAudio
If PortAudio is built with ALSA support, ALSA will need to be installed to function. If you use OSS only and have removed some ALSA packages from your system, you will need to make sure PortAudio isn't compiled with ALSA support. See http://www.snes9x.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3703&start=141.

Joystick Support
Previously, this port used libjsw for joystick support. As it turns out, libjsw supports very few operating systems, so I switched to SDL. libjsw will mess with your kernel joystick calibration on Linux, so you'll probably need to restart if you've calibrated on your current boot.

The latest version of Compiz fixes all known issues. If you're having trouble, upgrade Compiz.

Missing Features/Bugs
The GUI is fairly sparse and condensed for simplicity. If there's a function missing that is a must-have or you find any bugs, just mention them, and I'll try to get them in eventually.

Obligatory Screenshots


Changes for version 46

* Xv: Fixed a NULL dereference in the initialization code.
* Xv: Changed byte-ordering to map to provided masks, instead of just the common arrangements.
* Xv: Added an option to invert the byte order when it is reported incorrectly.
Changes for version 45
* Fixed a rather serious buffer overflow in the config system.
Changes for version 44
* Added an option to Preferences->Emulation to prevent the screensaver completely while Snes9x is open.
Changes for version 43
* Joystick events now prevent screensavers from starting.
* Disabled NetPlay's "pause when X frames behind." A working option will be in a future release.
Changes for version 42
* Xv: Removed the X sync immediately after the image is displayed to avoid a spinlock with vsync.
Changes for version 41
* Re-added auto-painting to the Xv driver. It will now only be used if the driver advertises it.
Changes for version 40
* Removed colorkey auto-painting from Xv driver. This isn't needed, since the key is already drawn when exposed.
* Added more verbosity to sound initialization.
* 'clean' target will now clear port-specific files, too.
Changes for version 39
* Fixed possible null dereferences in sound initialization.
* Added command-line option -mutesound for disabling sound.
Changes for version 38
* Fixed a regression that caused sound driver callbacks to occur too often.
* Added a setting to adjust the sound buffer size.
Changes for version 37
* Fixed a spurious edit that made the last release pointless.
Changes for version 36
* Properly enumerate all available sound APIs for initialization instead of trying only the PortAudio default.
Changes for version 35
* Added a toggle box for the status bar to the View menu.
* Fixed several fullscreen issues.
Changes for version 34
* Fixed possible shared memory violation when switching to the Xv driver.
* Added a splash to the background instead of using the default window color.
* Allow persistence of the game image when switching video drivers.
* Allow access to the GUI in fullscreen mode. To enable this, one must uncheck the box for the old escape behavior in the Emulation tab of Preferences.
* Changed key-binding buttons into entries.
Changes for version 33
* OpenGL: Fix issue with no display when turning NPOT texture support off.
* OpenGL: Fix very specific case where the NTSC filter won't work with NPOT textures and GL_RGB PBOs enabled.
Changes for version 32
* OpenGL: Added option to turn on non-power-of-two/rectangle textures instead of automatically activating them. This option is off by default.
Changes for version 31
* Fixed memory leak in Xv driver.
* Xv driver now prefers adaptors more formats. Fixes a regression that causes use of lossy modes when lossless are available.
* Fixed a few small bugs.
Changes for version 30a
* Add a key binding for exiting Snes9x to the bindings in the emulator tab.
* 30(a): Snes9x now properly leaves fullscreen mode on exiting.
Changes for version 29
* Adjusted display pane in preferences to be cleaner. Preferences will also remember its size.
* Artifacts around edges in the Xv driver are fixed by changing the stored image size.
* Disabling sound emulation is no longer possible. Instead, a mute option is included. Sound emulation is needed to run many games, so the ability to disable it was a bad idea in the first place.
* Fixed an issue with no sound in NetPlay when not using the Sync by Reset option.
* When another player pauses in NetPlay, the status bar will now properly show the paused state.
Changes for version 28
* Added a setting to pause the emulator when the focus switches away.
* The Xv driver will now choose the first (default) output port, instead of the last.
* Added netplay support.
* The status bar is now less verbose.
* Xv output can now be compiled out.
* XRandR support will now fail cleanly if the server doesn't support it. It can also be compiled out.
* OpenGL support no longer compiles binaries that only work on the build system's GLX version.
* The OpenGL output will resize textures on NPOT systems to avoid darker and miscolored right and bottom edges.
* The multithreaded scaler and filter option now allows the user to specify a number of threads up to 8.
Changes for version 27
* Fixed install target if directories don't already exist.
* Fixed OpenGL BGRA format on little-endian to correctly use the fast upload path.
* Miscellaneous other fixes.
Changes for version 26
* Added complete support for different byte-orders in Xv.
* Changed Xv to select 16 bit RGB modes first to possibly improve data transfers.
* Fixed an issue with compiling on non-standard platforms.
* Fixed inconsistencies with "Maintain Aspect Ratio" in Xv and GTK drivers.
* Attempted to fix issue where key-binding buttons wouldn't stay clicked.
Changes for version 25
* Added lossless RGB format detection for Xv output.
* Stopped hiding new windows on creation. Should fix http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4517672&postcount=40.
* Refactored some things.
Changes for version 24
* Appended Xrandr library in case it isn't indirectly linked in.
* Fixed a couple of issues with fullscreen.
Changes for version 23
* Removed Complex2x filter and instead supplied a "Force Hires Output" option.
* Attempted to resolve stall when leaving fullscreen with resolution changing enabled.
* Changed "Maintain aspect ratio" to use 8:7 instead of basing it on whatever the pixel size of the given image is.
Changes for version 22b
* Fixed nasty fullscreen problems introduced in v22a.
Changes for version 22a
* Added pixel-doubling Complex2x filter.
* Further refined fix for colored border issue in Xv.
Changes for version 22
* Attempted to fix colored border issue in Xv again.
* Prevented -filter command-line parameter from skipping the next parameter.
Changes for version 21
* Attempted fix of colored border filtering issue in Xv.
* Attempted fix of event loss in Xv.
* Added a -filter command-line parameter.
Changes for version 20
* Added XVideo output.
* Adjusted NTSC filter options to be offsets with respect to the output format.
* Set Auto-Frameskip on by default instead of a fixed 0-frameskip.
* Set use pixel buffer objects by default in OpenGL.
Changes for version 19
* Added NTSC filter.
* Fixed bug with install target not defining a default prefix.
* Refactored several things.
Changes for version 18
* Fixed regression where OpenGL must be available when running application if support is compiled in.
* Improved race condition on leaving fullscreen mode with a resolution change.
* Fixed some HIG problems.
Changes for Version 17
* Disabled automatic use of texture rectangle extension in OpenGL.
Changes for Version 16
* Added new targets to make for compatibility.
Changes for Version 15
* Fixed a divide-by-zero in the mouse motion handler.
* Adjusted configure script to more accurately report missing dependencies.
* Added an install target to make, along with a .desktop file and icon.
Changes for Version 14
* Fixed the problem where individual thresholds for joystick axes weren't used at all.
Changes for Version 13
* Fixed a bug where the threshold for a joystick axis binding could use the threshold from another joystick with the same axis bound.
Changes for Version 12
* Allow individual thresholds for joystick axis bindings. New joystick mappings are set with the value in the Joystick Options pane. You will need to reassign any existing axis bindings.
* Allow simple calibration for joysticks. This is primarily for fixing centering issues on control sticks and analog triggers/buttons.
* Fixed several minor bugs/issues.
Changes for Version 11
* Use unwrapped glXGetProcAddress to retrieve OpenGL extension functions.
Changes for Version 10c/d
* Hack to work around gtkglext bug.
* More robust OpenGL pixel buffer compatibility.
Changes for Version 10b
* Made custom folder selection box use selected folder, not current folder.
Changes for Version 10a
* Fixed some crashes in the cheat dialog.
Changes for Version 10
* Made PBO external format configurable.
* Implemented custom folder support for SRAM saving.
* Added a basic cheat entry dialog.
Changes for Version 9a
* With OpenGL Pixel-Buffer Objects enabled, do pixel swizzling prior to upload. Can improve OpenGL speed ~50%.
Changes for Version 9
* Preliminary movie support.
* Preliminary support for OpenGL Pixel-Buffer Objects for texture uploading.
* Many small enhancements.
Changes for Version 8
* Changed joystick support to allow large numbers of axes instead of 3, i.e. for analog triggers, multiple control sticks, and so on.
* Some refactoring.
Changes for Version 7
* Altered auto-framerate method to be less sensitive to CPU usage changes.
* OpenGL driver now stores textures in 32-bit RGBA format to avoid hitting software paths on some cards.
* Implemented multithreaded filters and scaling.
Changes for Version 6
* Changed joystick numbering scheme. (1st joystick is #1 instead of #0)
* Fixed hqxx filtering bug. (http://www.snes9x.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3775)
* Fixed issue with joysticks where every joystick's events were sent to the first one.
* Implemented saved window size.
Changes for Version 5
* Added .zip to filters for file chooser.
* Simplified OpenGL texture uploading code--decreases CPU usage.
Changes for Version 4
* Added .jma to filters for file chooser.
* Save last directory when choosing roms.
Changes for version 3a
* Fixed missed joystick event when axis changes too quickly.
Changes for version 3
* Fixed issue with joysticks causing crashes.
* Now uses SDL for joystick support instead of libjsw for more compatibility. Restarting your joystick driver/OS may be necessary to reset and undo calibration.
* Refactored the graphics code.
* Partially reverted OpenGL bilinear fix, as it causes issues with 512 pixel width games.
Changes for version 2
* Joystick support is now optional. Use the --with-joystick configure flag to build with joystick support.
* Fixed bug with crashing when Preferences are opened.
* Possibly fixed issue with libjsw. Older libjsw versions have a bug that causes crashes on JSClose--please upgrade to libjsw 1.5.6, if possible.
* Fixed issue with edge artifacts after changing scaling modes when using OpenGL bilinear filtering.

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[Console ] MD ROM格式批量轉換軟體 SMD BIN WIN V2.0 Beta RC2 繁体中文漢化版發布
发表于 2008-7-22 20:59
MD ROM格式批量轉換軟體 SMD BIN WIN V2.0 Beta RC2 繁体中文漢化版發布


SMD BIN WIN的作者VectorMan發布了這個工具的新版。這可能是這個工具最後的更新之一。

運行SMD BIN WIN 2.0 BETA RC2安裝程序包即可
此工具可以批量互相轉換MD ROM常見的格式

一款MD ROM格式批量轉換輔助軟體


SMD BIN WIN V2.0 Beta RC2 CHT.7z (1.94 MB)


PS:繁體的偷懶了 非標資源沒處理以及部分提示資訊也沒處理 o(∩_∩)o...

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[HandHeld Gameboy Advance] VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN589
VisualBoyAdvance-M basiert auf VisualBoyAdvance und emuliert unter Windows den GameBoy, GameBoy Colour und GameBoy Advance
22 July 2008,01:22 AM
SVN589 Download & Infos (Win32/MFC)
Download: http://vba-m.ngemu.com/vbam/vbacompiles/...ance589.7z

D3DX9_38.dll (If DirectX runtime is missing): http://vba-m.ngemu.com/vbam/vbacompiles/...pdater.zip

Change log:
[squall] GBC battery fix
[squall] more fixes towards MBC7
[spacy] ADDED option "File->Load Game->Do not change battery save"
[spacy] ADDED "Cheats Enabled/Disabled" status messages
[spacy] FIXED: XAudio2 no sound with ASUS Xonar cards
[spacy] ADDED stereo to surround upmixing (XAudio2)
[spacy] ADDED XAudio2 config dialog
[HandHeld Tool] MYZOOM V1.8.27.187 双语中文版发布
发表于 2008-7-22 18:21
[国人开发][NO$GBA专用放大器]MYZOOM V1.8.27.187 双语中文版发布


2008-07-22 V1.8.27.187

2008-07-22 V1.8.27.187


以下是二個版本測試截圖 由於本人的作業系統是簡體的 所以 繁體的那張截圖好多都是亂碼。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

另外,如果要使用no$pmp或者no$wtt, 請按照如下順序啟動程式:no$gba no$pmp/no$wtt myZoom


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[Calculator] HP15C v1.0.7 20080722
HP15C is a HP 15 C Calculator Emulator for Windows.

is a simple emulation of the legendary HP 15 C Calculator on the Desktop. With UPN-Logic calculations are faster than the conventional way with the equals sign ( see Wikipedia).
It is possible to operate the calculator with the mouse and the numerical keypad. It can be moved free on the desktop.
The complex operations and the matrix operations are not yet implemented. Also it is not possible to program the calculator . If somebody is interested to continue the development, ask for the source code (Borland Delphi 7.0) mailto:support@thgsoft.ch.
More informat.ion are available at www.hpmuseum.org or at http://hp15c.org .
Download... More...

useful Tools for your daily work
Home ThGNews News Online
ThG Clock
HP 15c
ThG Zip
ThG Log
Links ..
Version 1.0.2
(March 07)
New with Audio / Video Podcasts ThGNews.zip
(Windows Zip File 4.6 MB)
Version 1.0.1
(Okt 06)
Initial Version
Version 1.0.0
(Sept 06)
Initial Version ThGClock.zip
(Windows Zip File 222 kB)
Version 1.0.7
(Jul 08)
Fix Format displayed as 1'234.45 HP15C.zip
(Windows Zip File 715 kB
Version 1.0.6
(Jun 08)
Eng Number 1E-9 was displayed as 0
Version 1.0.4
(Dez 07)
Bug in x! fixed
Version 1.0.3
(March 07)
Sound on / off (right mouse key)
Version 1.0.2
(Feb 07)
Decimal point input with point and comma possible
Version 1.0.1
(Feb 07)
Bug % Calculation Fixed, Sto*,Sto+, etc. implemented
Version 0.99 Beta Version ThGZip.Zip (Windows Zip File 1.1 MB)
ThGLog.zip (Windows Zip File 0.8 MB)
All products are fully functional. You can test the software before buying with all its features. It appears only sometimes a message, that the product is not free.
This version is identically with the bought version. With the buy the product will be registrated and no more messages about registration will appear.


All products are running under Microsoft Windows Environment (Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows ME, Windows 98)
For ThgNews a broadband LAN connection is useful.

German and English is available for all products. But it is relatively easy to implement a new language.
  1. Copy one language file from the program directory "Language" with the file extension ".LAN" f. e "ThgNews_DEU.LAN" and open it with the windows editor and store it as "ThgNews_FRE.LAN".
  2. Translate all words between parentheses with a text editor on the right handside.

    NewsFeeder.Caption="ThgNews Bleib informiert." in

    NewsFeeder.Caption="ThgNews Reste informé"
    oder so.
  3. If you send me a language which is not available, you will get ThGNews for free.
    Send the new file to